Freedom of Speech

It’s hard to imagine an everyday way that freedom of speech is not infinite. Uncommon, rhetorical scenarios include: the old “Yelling ‘fire’ in a movie theater”, publicizing the name of a covert operative like Valerie Plame, putting her life at risk– probably many others.

If a particular expression of this freedom is merely in poor taste, hateful, or otherwise off-putting, it is STILL protected.  It HAS to be.

If the standard for deciding whether free speech is protected were only that it is offensive, even to myself, then eventually any type of sentiment could be in danger.

I wonder how up-in-arms those that are defending “Duck Dynasty guy”became when Occupy protestors were arrested, or blocked at every turn? Is assembling and criticizing government not more basic and valuable than the freedom to criticize someone’s race or sexual preference? I say it is.

What are your thoughts?

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