We are being screwed.

How does the information that I’ve been mining help us?

I am constantly trying to grasp the big picture as new information keeps being put into place.

A general statement one could make is “Corporate America/big business constantly shifts the burden onto the people while minimizing the amount of benefit received by the people.”

Corporate America strives to pay less tax upon their gains, while we treat the money we are using to scrape by as profit— the real meaning of income.

American culture is tweaked and subverted to make the rich into demi-gods, and to make the people think they will someday be demi-gods as well.  “Be patriotic– don’t let the government take the money from businessmen!”

When you see what is really happening, you can only feel disgust.

“Businessmen” get rich through the privileged activities of acting through a corporation and gaining from investment of money. Both of those things are sanctioned/enabled by the government, and are TAXABLE.  This is, in fact, the basis of our internal revenue system; once a business is INCORPORATED, it has been “brought into the body”. We have seen references to “body politic” and “body corporate”.  To receive that benefit is to fall under the jurisdiction of the government.

These corporations’ activities, arising from privilege, are taxable.

Our activities, such as earning a living, and taking shelter in a house are done as a matter of right.

By claiming our house and land to be real property, we are declaring it to be owned as a privilege and used for business purposes, and not a permanent, private living space.

By claiming our pay to be income, we are submitting the figure as profit, which purports to be gained through the privilege of “employment”, defined in Title 26 as working for the federal government.

Meanwhile, the real beneficiaries of privilege receive tax cuts, subsidies, what-have-you.

Friends may talk about moving to another country to escape the greed that is so entrenched in American leadership. Here is the ideal scenario: the burden gets shifted back upon big business (whose leaders make more money than even they know what to do with, and seem addicted to acquisition) to pay a healthy tax on their gains, because they are making amounts above and beyond what would be deemed proportionate to their time and investment.

People NOT involved in any privileged activity (living in a house, working for pay) do NOT pay a tax on those activities. Activity is indeed what is being taxed when an income tax or property tax is enforced… but only “activity-on-paper”.

The authorities know that we are not all using our homes and land for business; they also know that we are not all receiving hourly pay via connection with government.

However, legally, they have a leg to stand on because we offer them the presumption that these things are happening. We do not rebut their assertion that we are living on “real property”, or that we are “employees” receiving “income”.

If my use the terms “employment” and “income” are not clear to you, and their meanings for you are still “working” and “pay”, respectively, you need to read “Cracking the Code” by Pete Hendrickson. While I do not espouse everything the man says (and wouldn’t it be strange if I did?),  he has done a remarkable amount of research on the income tax and all of the court decisions and history surrounding it. I read it 6 times to soak it up, and would probably benefit from another read.

Do we need to stop receiving benefit from the government?

Hell no. we need to know which activities are privileged and which are not.

Back to that “ideal scenario” I mentioned: you are working for pay, getting paid generally what your time seems to be worth, are not in debt as a matter of course, and have some money left over as a cushion. You invest that money in some sort of stock thingy I know little about. That is a privileged activity, and you will pay tax on that. Essentially, you are making money off extra money you do not absolutely need. This will set you up in later years during an emergency or retirement/unforeseen circumstances.

What I am getting at is that, because the Federal and local governments can only tax certain activities under their jurisdictions, we can all be very clear on whether we are involved in those activities.

As it is, we the people are paying an “unfair share” of the budgetary burden; we are paying it due to having the wool pulled over our eyes. Explicit, above-board application for benefits when we know exactly what we are giving up for what we are getting, is the only future path that is acceptable for us. To obfuscate this relationship gives power to those in charge of the coffers, essentially making the money trail untraceable, or at least untraced.

The burden keeps getting heavier upon us, while obscene dollar amounts are being hoarded by those bent on having as much wealth as possible.

It makes me sad, and then angry when average/below-average workers support the idea that “big business should not be taxed”, and that to do so is bad for the economy. The opposite is true. You do not have a right to exploit the system and not pay a tax upon that. You do have a right NOT to be in the system. If you can become rich through private endeavors, without corporate powers and conveniences, more power to you. None of the rich are doing that.

I have tried before now to minimize the editorial aspect of this blog, but the more I read and research, the more the implications become central to my mind.  We are being screwed.


What are your thoughts?

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