Some people take statements about taxes to be right-wing or Libertarian. In fact, one should be able to to see facts for what they are, and not try to assign them to “right-wing, left-wing, or esoteric nut-job”.

I truly believe in freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of pursuit of anything that doesn’t harm anyone else.

I am a liberal.

I also do not trust Democrats.

I also do not trust Republicans.

I generally find it hard to trust anyone who wants to lead me and claim authority over me.

What I do trust is people that I come into contact with who I perceive to be genuine and honest. These are the people I want to invest in.

It is natural and acceptable to desire to be left alone to work out our own fortune. It is also natural and acceptable to want to help others when you are in a position to offer something.

ANYtime you are forced to sign on to anything, accept a benefit, or be stopped in your private affairs to answer questions when there is no probable cause (party claiming injury by you), your rights are infringed upon and calling America a free country becomes a joke.

Transparency is something we have to force the government into practicing.

There is a special process to gain access to the truth from government– a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  You want the truth?  Oh, that’s a special situation. Fill this out and we’ll get back to you.

I do believe in government– generally to protect us from the greed of others. I can’t see a more important function.

The government should provide opportunities for us, and choices.  We, in turn, should have open access to all of the implications and details of that contract.

The government should truly be our servant, and have NO OTHER GOAL.  Putting us below it has gotten us to this point, one of the lowest points in history if we tell the truth. 








What are your thoughts?

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