Does a “General Law” apply to you?

“Chapter 160A.
Cities and Towns.
Article 1.
Definitions and Statutory Construction.
§ 160A-1. Application and meaning of terms.
Unless otherwise specifically provided, or unless otherwise clearly required by the context, the words and phrases defined in this section shall have the meaning indicated when used in this Chapter.

(2) “City” means a municipal corporation organized under the laws of this State for the better government of the people within its jurisdiction…

(4) “General law” means an act of the General Assembly applying to all units of local government, to all cities, or to all cities within a class defined by population or other criteria, including a law that meets the foregoing standards but contains a clause or section exempting from its effect one or more cities or all cities in one or more counties.”

General laws apply to cities, which are municipal corporation. A corporation is not a geographic area. Therefore, it is misleading to say that a law applies “throughout the city” or to imply that a city is piece of land.

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