…Of a county is Property of the county

Good post regarding the relationship of the man or woman’s property to the county.

Robb's Court of Record

I got this response from Brother Thom… based on the email I had sent out earlier today (found again at the bottom of this)…. Like Tom says… the judge keeps putting the same sentence into his answer………..  and why you must reject the Body Politic.. or as a resident of a “county” your property…. is the counties property…

45.4 County property.

Sec. 4.

All real and personal estate, heretofore conveyed by any form of conveyance to the inhabitants of any county,
…………., for the use and benefit of such county,
shall be deemed to be the property of such county

thanks for the information you provided here. I then rereading over our court documents try to figure out why the judge continues to ignore our jurisdiction and I realize that in his writings he always says  that…..
“I find this that matter is an action for the foreclosure of real property located in Beaufort County, South Carolina. As…

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