More on the True Nature of Citizenship

Put plainly, a citizen is one who voluntarily submits to the control of government.  A citizen is actually a part of that government.  Does a government have natural rights? Of course you said “no”.

How a can a part of that body have more rights that the body itself has?  You need to see the hierarchy.  The power structure has been inverted.  The people created the government, while remaining above it.  The government created the status of US citizen “subject to its jurisdiction”.  The people were conned into claiming that status, thus slipping underneath the government in the hierarchy.   All control over property (meaning ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could own) was given over to (incorporated into) the governmental body.


Dominion is absolute ownership– complete control.  People need to stop wondering why it is possible to be screwed so badly by the banks, police, the IRS… it all hinges on this.


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