The Social Security Number Can Indicate A Foreign Person… If You Have Proof

Get the IRS to change your status to “foreign person” ie. not a US citizen or resident alien.

“26 CFR 301.6109-1 – Identifying numbers.

(g) Special rules for taxpayer identifying numbers issued to foreign persons

(1) General rule

(i) Social security number. A social security number is generally identified in the records and database of the Internal Revenue Service as a number belonging to a U.S. citizen or resident alien individual. A person may establish a different status for the number by providing proof of foreign status with the Internal Revenue Service under such procedures as the Internal Revenue Service shall prescribe, including the use of a form as the Internal Revenue Service may specify. Upon accepting an individual as a nonresident alien individual, the Internal Revenue Service will assign this status to the individual’s social security number.”



If one is successful at acquiring a USA passport as a non-citizen national, one can write to request an authenticated copy of the application and all paperwork submitted with it. That should serve as proof of foreign status.

What are your thoughts?

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