More on Revoking a Deed of Trust

Further proof that your deed of trust is a conveyance of a future interest in your land to a person not in esse (relevant to the previous post):

“ยง 161-22. Index of registered instruments.

(a) Except as otherwise provided by statute, the register of deeds shall provide and keep in the register’s office full and complete alphabetical indexes of the names of the parties to all liens, grants, deeds, mortgages, bonds, and other instruments required or authorized to be registered, and the indexes shall state in full the names of all parties, whether grantors, grantees, vendors, vendees, obligors, or obligees. The full names of parties shall be entered in the indexes in accordance with the minimum indexing standards adopted pursuant to

(d) Deeds of trust may be indexed in the names of the grantor and beneficiary only.”

So, because the conveyance is to a trustee that is undetermined when the deed of trust is executed, only you (grantor) and lender (beneficiary) are to be named in the index when recorded.

If registering the deed of trust vested the title in the trustee, he/she/it would be named.